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Ravioli - Homemade Ravioli in Pleasant Hill, CA

Experience a Little Taste of Italy

with Homemade Italian Food from Our Store

You don't have to buy a ticket to Rome in order to sample some great Italian food. Molino's Ravioli has delicious homemade ravioli, sauces, and complete dinners you can enjoy in your own kitchen or dining room. This is traditional cooking like grandma used to make, featuring fresh ingredients that make your mouth water when the food is heating up. Stay satisfied all day with homemade Italian food from our store in Pleasant Hill, California.


Homemade Ravioli

• 24 Large Ravioli or 42 Small Ravioli,

         Each Box Serves 3 - 4

• Beef–Large—$11.00, Small—$10.00

• Chicken–Large—$11.00, Small—$10.00

• Spicy Chicken–Small Only—$10.00

• Cheese, Cheese & Basil, Butternut Squash, Vegetarian
  (Spinach, Swiss Chard & Cheeses)
  Large—$11.00, Small—$10.00

• Sweet Potato–Small Only—$10.00

• Seafood–Small Only—$12.50

 • Portabella Mushroom –Small Only—$12.50


Ravioli - Homemade Italian Food in Pleasant Hill, CA

Homemade Sauce
• Mushroom, Meat, Veggie Marinara or Alfredo

1/2 Pint $3.80   Pint  $5.80


• Clam        
• Pesto
• Orange for Sweet Potato                
• Spicy Chicken

1/2 Pint $4.00  Pint  $6.25                    

Garlic Bread
• Northern Italian Garlic Bread–1/2 loaf—$4.00
Minestrone, Chicken Noodle, Butternut Squash,
or Split Pea –Pint—$3.50, Quart—$6.75

•  Linguine, Fettuccine $3.50 lb. plain,  

 (Butternut Squash, Cheese, etc.)
• Gnocchi–Plain made with Potato
& Ricotta—$7.00 lb.
• Cheese Tortellini (Tri-color)--$7.00 lb.

Contact us at (888) 602-8939 in Pleasant
Hill, California, to order homemade Italian food
that comes in servings large enough to feed
your entire family.

Homemade MealsJust Heat and Eat!

• Cannelloni–Beef or Chicken in Red Mushroom
  Sauce - $10.00

• Alfredo Cannelloni  $10.00

  • Portabella Mushroom  $12.00
  • Seafood (Shrimp & Crab) $12.00

 • Meat & Cheese Lasagna$10.00 / 30.00

 • Veggie Lasagna—$10.00 / 30.00

  • Chicken Lasagna $10.00

• Meatballs in Sauce–2 Jumbo or 6 Mini $8.00
• Polenta Pies–Chicken or Vegetarian
  (Squash, Onions, Eggplant, Carrots, Bell
  Peppers, Mushrooms, Broccoli in our new 
  Veggie Marinara Sauce)–All pies have sauce,
  parmesan & mozzarella

  $9.50 small serves 2

   $14.50  large serves 5-6
• Chicken Parmigiana —$10.00

• Eggplant Parmigiana—$10.00

• Stuffed Bell Peppers—, $10.00

• Mama's Cuisine - special entree's made personally by Mama Molino in limited quantity.  Polenta dishes, Pasta dishes and more.

Holiday Catering Menu


                                              Complete Holiday Dinners ($65.00)

Fully Cooked Turkey 10-12 lbs.

Stuffing, 2 lbs.

Mashed Potatoes, 3 lbs

Turkey Gravy, 24-oz.

Cranberry Sauce, 15 - oz.


                                                   Holiday Pies & Cakes


 German Chocolate Cake 35.00

Coconut Cake 35.00

Banana Pudding 25.00

Peach Cobbler 30.00

Sweet Potato Pie14.00

Pumpkin Pie  14.00



 Steamed Cracked Crab ...Coming December 1st $25.00

32 ounces of Fresh Crab sauteed in garlic, butter and mushrooms served with pasta.

(Feeds 2 Adults)




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